martes, marzo 23, 2010

Tennessee Williams - Wounded Genius (Documentary)

This episode of Biography series calls itself Wounded Genius and tells the story of famed playwright Tennessee Williams as his early hurts mount with depressing rapidity: his hard-drinking man's man of a father taunted him for being a sissy; his mentally unstable, puritanical mother loved him, but controlled him; his older sister, companion and "soul mate," suffered a mental breakdown and was institutionalized for life while they were both still in their teens. This 50-minute video makes the case that his early years gave him the material for his meteoric rise to success in the worlds of stage and film, but also laid the groundwork for the personal problems that would eventually be his downfall. Many viewers may know Williams for his successful works, such as the Pulitzer Prize-winning A Streetcar Named Desire and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, but this documentary also deals with his subsequent 20-year slide. His brother, biographers, and friends shed much light on his life, as do several television interviews of Williams himself.

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